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DIY Wood Burning Kit

₹ 720

Wood burning is also known as Pokerwork. It is a type of free hand art in which you can portray your designs and sketches on a piece of wood with the help of a heating iron. You can make the art by burning the traces of your drawing on a piece of wood. It gives a remarkable result and is truly a work of satisfaction. Wood burning is made for those who find pleasure in art and carry a great passion for it.

Box Content Specifications

  • Type Wood Burning Pyrography
  • Age Group 14+ Years
  • Contents 1 Pine Wood 7 Inches, 1 Heating Tool, Instruction Manual
  • Skills Improves Hand-Eye Co-ordination, Focus, Motor movement, Creativity & Imagination


Unleash your creativity with this premium pyrography. The satisfaction you feel after burning a beautiful landscape into an even more beautiful piece of wood is immeasurable. This kit is an excellent piece of art for beginners as well as professionals, it’s very easy to handle, it has neat edges, heat resistance sheath nut and insulating protective cover, it also eliminates hand strain when in use. The kit features an inner-heated ceramic technology that allows the tool to heat up easily. You can use the kit for image transferring, stencil cutting, soldering, paper crafting, hot stamping, and fabric embossing.


Wood burning kit comes with a 7 inch pine wood, a heating tool to design your art and a manual to guide you throughout the process.


Wood burning is an excellent art kit to encourage your crafting abilities. The kit is meant for the people who can dedicate a part of themselves to make this craft. It is easy to learn but one has to be cautious as the heating tool is involved in it. You learn an unusual way of making art through the wood burning kit.


Pyrography art is a perfect gift for the people who appreciate art and are passionate about it. It can be gifted on special occasions like, birthday, anniversary or on Christmas.

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