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DIY Lippan Art Kit

₹ 600

Lippan art is originated from the land of Gujarat. Build an art piece yourself and use it to decorate your home. Make a creative masterpiece and hang it on your wall or showcase it on your office cubicle. It is a great way to boost one's creativity as well. Lippan art is a therapeutic art for someone seeking peace of mind and to explore the possibilities of art.

Box Content Specifications

  • Type Lippan Art
  • Age Group 6+ Years
  • Contents 1 Square Frame (7 inches), 1 Clay Powder, 1 Plastic Cone, 1 Glue, 1 White Paint, Types of Mirrors, Instruction Manual
  • Skills Hand & Eye Co-ordination, Motor skills, Analysis & Critical thinking, Creativity & Imagination, Attention span building


Mutva mud work is a centuries old art of the Banni region in Kutch. Beautiful designs are created on walls with clay and mirrors. The art has now been transferred to portable panels for use in urban interiors too. This Indian traditional Art and Craft kit provides a platform to learn this simple yet rich art. The traditional art form is given a more aesthetic and contemporary look so that it appeals to a younger and modern audience.


The Lippan art kit consists of a 7 inch MDF cut out, clay powder and plastic cone to create designs on the artwork. Different shapes of mirrors are provided, triangles, square, circles and a big 2x2 inch mirror is given for the centerpiece. Along with white acrylic paint, paint brush and glue. An instruction manual is present, which has a barcode, by scanning it you can watch the tutorial before you begin.


Lippan art is a traditional Indian art and craft from Kutch, Gujarat, wherein we first make a cone using clay powder and create designs, thereafter, white paint is used to make simple lines and shapes also to colour the whole art work. After applying 2-3 coats of white paint, we paste different mirrors, triangles, circles and squares on a white surface resulting in mind-blowing artwork. This valuable Lippan Art kit introduces young children to traditional Indian Lippan Art by making designs traditional or geometric.


This is a real lipan art treat wherein you have done your bit for the community by popularizing this great art form to a new and younger audience. You can gift the Lippan art articles or the kit to your friends and family.


This product is very good to test and improve your craft skills

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